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At the concert


In need of an aftermovie? Bxposed caters your needs for each and every event.

A good event film in 2024 how? Trough storytelling

A good film does not only contain beautiful atmospheric images of the event. A good storyline or story arc is the essence of every movie. With scripting your passion in the slogan, that's exactly what we want to do at Bxposed.

The thoughtful use of interview, speech overlays, testimonials in combination with cinematic images means that your event is told in a narrative way. Meaningful transitions - real people - real emotions - that is what makes event movies unique and valuable

Why Create an after movie of your event?

By giving your event visual exposure, you will appeal to more people and reach your target group with film. Strong visuals simply reflect your event better.

Are you organizing a trade show, conference or performance or are you offering organized trips, Expose all that hard work with cinematic film  and BXPOSED.


An aftermovie is not only just a nice memory that you can relive trough film. The power of social media will show you that your investment in an aftermovie will actually attract more audience.


Every great event deserves a good film. Tell your story and inspire future participants.


Capturing unique and diverse shots with high-quality editing is always custom work.

Events can be of many kinds like baptism, birthdays, concerts and other private and professional events. One thing is certain: When you choose for BXPOSED quality, you can relive your special day / event endlessly with a smile.

BXPOSED believes that editing and organising your images with an ‘unique feel’ is the most important aspect to have a successful final product. Once the filming with our specialised materials is done, the product can be finished in multiple ways. Depending on the amount of detail (coloring, special effects,...) and the selection of edits, the final quality can vary. This will result in the different prices that can be applicable for the same project. In other words, the quality of video is always the same, but the detail in the final touch’ of the editing will define the price. 


If you are interested you can ask me a price or question free from obligation.


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