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Inspire with film through storytelling

We help companies create effective content. 

Do you want to have a corporate film made? Or are you looking for someone who understands your company mission & values to the bucan communicate with the world? At BXPOSED you can have all types of corporate films tailor-made with excellent quality and professionalism
Your corporate film BXPOSED starts with a free  intake interview to accurately identify your needs and wishes. From here, a unique strategy is brainstormed to highlight your company.

BXPOSED provides and creative a high-quality representation of the core of your company with a unique selection of images, dynamic film techniques and transitions. This allows you to confidently send your corporate film out into the world, so that you can inspire your audience and turn your viewers into customers.

Inform potential customers with your product or service

Determine an online strategy. Post videos and photos weekly on social media, advertise on Facebook through main feeds, reels and stories. Out of sight is out of mind, show people who you are and what you do. Be Exposed! We make media campaigns in all possible formats, and this from concept to delivery completely in the tone of voice of your company. 

Have you ever thought about a technical product? instruction or assembly videos, forward it to your customers, and save yourself a trip from the representative, seeing is understanding.

Reach future  employees with  a employer recruitment video, portray all aspects of your company in an inspiring way and thus attract future employees more easily, or have one of your customers testify with high-quality external audio recording in a testimonial video.

Why video marketing in 2024?

  • Video promotion of a brand, product or service is 600% more effective then print and direct mail combined

  • Marketers who use video grow sales 49% faster than those who don't use video


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