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Bxposed award-winning best documentary film, 2023 Rome

Discover the power of Bxposed Films: Cinematography and documentaries in perfect harmony

Discover the versatility of Bxposed Films, a leading cinematography company. As a skilled filmmaker, we specialize not only in compelling films but also in powerful documentaries. Explore the depth of the human story through the lens of our passion and craftsmanship. At Bxposed Films we combine artistic vision with solid storytelling to create unforgettable documentaries that provide insight and move. Let us capture your unique story with the finesse that only Bxposed Films can provide. Discover the art of cinematography, where our expertise shines in both fiction and non-fiction.


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In the southern part of Ethiopia, Lower Omo Valley, resides a semi-nomadic tribe called Banna. The Banna society consumes what they need only by gathering, hunting and raising livestock.


This tribe practices many rituals belonging to their traditional beliefs and different ways of lifestyle. Most of their cultural ceremonies are not known and kept for centuries without influence of the outside world.

The chief of Banna tribe Lale Kotsa, who is looked up for leadership reveals few of their stories and the need of tourism for keeping their traditions alive

Extrordinary: The social impact of this documentary for which we have to recognize the ability to promote and preserve the rich heritage of a region, promoting eco tourism and the enrichment of the local communities

Joy Perpetual: foundation for United nations

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