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Bxposed award-winning best documentary film, 2023 Rome


In the southern part of Ethiopia, Lower Omo Valley, resides a semi-nomadic tribe called Banna. The Banna society consumes what they need only by gathering, hunting and raising livestock.


This tribe practices many rituals belonging to their traditional beliefs and different ways of lifestyle. Most of their cultural ceremonies are not known and kept for centuries without influence of the outside world.

The chief of Banna tribe Lale Kotsa, who is looked up for leadership reveals few of their stories and the need of tourism for keeping their traditions alive

Extrordinary: The social impact of this documentary for which we have to recognize the ability to promote and preserve the rich heritage of a region, promoting eco tourism and the enrichment of the local communities

Joy Perpetual: foundation for United nations

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Why statement

Faced with recent developments ( which we wil not elaborate on) affecting their traditional lifestyle, the tribe seeks essential income through tourism. Our film, supported by the Banna Development Association, advocates for sustainable ecotourism.


The tribal chief warmly invites viewers to immerse themselves in their lifestyle. Together, we're promoting responsible tourism, ensuring direct economic benefits for the local communities—a vital lifeline for the Banna tribe.  


If you're eager to experience authentic tribal life and make a meaningful visit, we invite you to reach out! Send an email to and we'll ensure you're guided to a genuine and enriching tribal experience. Your interest in connecting with local communities is valued, and we look forward to helping you create lasting memories while respecting and appreciating the traditions of the Banna tribe in Ethiopia's Omo region.


Your generosity can make a meaningful impact on the Banna tribe's future. We provide the short-film for free, while it's not necessary, your contribution is genuinely welcome and appreciated. If you feel moved to support the Banna Development Association's efforts, you can make a donation. Your kindness will play a crucial role in sustaining their community and preserving their unique way of life. Thank you for considering making a positive difference in the lives of the Banna tribe. The Donations are going to the Banna community. The Banna Development Association.



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